Bluetooth Unlock

Lock and unlock your screen when an associated bluetooth device, like your phone, when it goes out and back into range. 

Secure your mac with two-factor authentication.  Two-factor authentication requires the use of two authentication factors. The two factors are something the user knows and something the user has. For example a bluetooth device or finger print and a password.

- Screen can turn black or display a selected image when locked and optional password text box appears when key pressed or mouse clicked. 
- Use a global hot key to lock the screen. 
- Can prevent sleep or shutdown to leave applications running while the system is protected. 
- Use with a password for Two-Factor authentication. This feature is off by default. 

- Please pair your device before purchase. If your device cannot be paired then this app may not work. 
- Increase the delay seconds before activate to decrease the chance of accidental lock.  If you are having difficulty pairing an iPhone please try enabling personal hotspot.